Tell Us Your Story

Please tell us your stories about the impact pot has had on your life or the life of a loved one.

Contrary to the assurances of proponents of legalization, pot use will not be limited to those using “medical marijuana”, any more than alcohol use is limited to those of the legal age to drink.

The black market for drugs will continue, if not grow. Pot growers and merchants will destroy commercial property values and family neighborhoods.

Pot use will destroy the lives and futures of many habitual users—young and old. And, as is far too often the case, youth and young adults and those most in need of developing their life skills will suffer the most adverse consequences from this radical increase in the availability and potency of marijuana.

Your stories of injuries you have sustained at the hands of the marijuana industry will help others understand that the legalization of pot is not without victims.

And, as we know, real-life stories, not statistics, break through denial and touch people’s hearts.


Tell Us Your Story